06 - Market melee


Non-lethal it is!

They wear the colors, she thinks. I’ll probably regret this later. The decision was made before she even knew she made it. The mistreatment of children is a offense in the eyes of the Slayer, and it would not stand.

Conora – 13 + 2 = 15
Guard 1 (held) – 20
Guard 2 – 11
Guard 3 – 14

The guard that Conora is holding onto feels her tense up, sees her arm start to rise. He tries to wrest his arm away before she is able to strike. Opposed Athletics check – 4 vs. 9. Conora’s grip is iron and he is held fast.

Already having control of the sword-arm of the first guard (his sword hangs on his left, and she is gripping his right wrist), Conora raises her arm, intending to introduce the nose of the guard to her right (the one that invoked the Duchess) to the back of her fist.

Attack roll: 8 + 3 = 11 vs. AC 16.

The guard just barely manages to turn his head and raise a shoulder, and her fist impacts against the chainmail underneath the layers of cloth.

The third guard, a brutish lout with a misshapen nose, immediately moves in to grab Conora from behind in a bear hug. Opposed Athletics check – 3 vs. 24. As soon as she feels his arms come around, she immediately throws them off and backs into him roughly, forcing him to take several steps backwards to keep his feet under him.

Guard two (the young one) scrambles for his sword and yanks it out awkwardly. “Hey now! None of that! We don’t want to hurt you!” he yells, his voice breaking.

“I’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen.” she replies. The milling crowds of market-goers have all turned their attention to the melee. This is going to need to be quick, she thinks to herself.

Khine, remaining in the shadows, positions himself in a more advantageous spot. That child will be freed, one way or another.


tekmagika tekmagika

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